How to Change Name in Aadhar Card

There may be certain situations faced by a citizen where they would need to make changes in their name displayed in Aadhar card, for instance, the spelling of your name might have been entered incorrectly because of readability error or mistake while entering the name, and will need to be corrected, or if you got married and changed your last name, you would want to update that in your Aadhar card as well. It is important to keep your Aadhar card updated with correct information in order to be suitable to avail benefits and services of government and avoid any conflicts that might occur while validation of your identity. In situations like these, you could apply for Aadhar card name correction online as well as by post.

Procedure to make changes in your first or last name in Your Aadhar card

It is necessary to have a mobile number registered in order to carry out the process to apply for making corrections in name, changing name or changing your last name online. As you will receive a One Time Password or OTP on your mobile number while applying for name correction online through the official website of UIDAI. In case you have not registered a mobile number and want to make changes in your name in your Aadhar card by the means of post, follow this process:

  • Please note that maximum 4 requests for correction in name, changing name or changing your last name are allowed.
  • To change your name, correct your name or change your last name in your Aadhar card, it is necessary to provide a self-attested proof of identity document.
  • Write down your Aadhar number on all copies of documents to be attached and sent.
  • Then write down your name clearly below your signature or thumbprint while self-attesting the proof of identity document.
  • For minors, their parents or official guardians shall fill out the form and sign or provide their thumbprint to attest the supportive documents to be attached along with the application.

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Steps to Change Name in Aadhar Card:

  1. Visit the official website of UIDAI.
  2. Log in to Aadhar card online self-service update portal using your 12 digits Aadhar number.
  3. Submit your Aadhar name change/name correction/last name change request online.
  4. Upload the supportive self-attested Proof of Identity document (Soft Copy) to change your name, correct your name or change your last name online.

You are required to fill out the information in your application in English as well as your local language. After submitting your application for change in name, correction in name, change in last name in your Aadhar card, you will be given your Aadhar card update request number. You must keep this number safe and accessible for further assistance in tracking your Aadhar card name change/name correction/last name change request status and other future references.

Your information in the application for correction will be verified by UIDAI representative and after successful verification and validation, the changes you wanted would be displayed in your Aadhar card and you will be conveyed about the acceptance of your application for correction and changes made successfully in your Aadhar card.

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