What?? Your PAN card can be blocked! PAN–Aadhar linking last date 31st Aug

Yes, you are reading right after 31 August you may found your PAN card blocked. The government of India taking major actions to abolish PAN cards forgeries, news of PAN – Aadhar card linking is already in buzz, but now CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) released an affirmation in which they clearly warned people to link PAN card with aadhar card otherwise it will be blocked PAN-Aadhar Linking last Date in now 31st Aug.

PAN-Aadhar Linking last Date -31st Aug

What?? Your PAN card can be blocked – PAN – Aadhar linking is compulsory now
What?? Your PAN card can be blocked – PAN – Aadhar linking is compulsory now

Indian citizens took the sigh of relief as according to the latest news in the view of difficulties faced by citizens Indian Income Tax Department extended the date of ITR filing. Previously the last of income tax return filing was 31st July but now it can file till 5th Aug. And also people can file ITR without linking their Aadhar and PAN card but linking Enroll ID and Aadhar are still compulsory as before. On the other hand, Ministry of Finance has announced that all PAN cards which are not linked with Aadhar card before 31st Aug would be blocked.

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So, it is clear that either you are eligible to file income tax return or not or you want to apply for pan card, Aadhar- Pan linking is now mandatory for all.

1.2 Million aadhar cards are already been deactivated due to duplicity. State finance minister Mr. Santosh Kumar Gangwar stated that as on July 27, 1566, Pan Cards were found fake due to increasing number of fake ones they have deactivated 1.2 million PAN card. He said, “One PAN for one person is the guiding principle for allotment of PAN,”.

If you still not linked Aadhar and Pan, you can link your PAN card and aadhar card anytime before 31st August, with a different type of methods like online, manual or by sending SMS with your registered mobile number. Otherwise, you may not able to access your Pan card after 31 August.

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