Voter List – How to check/search name in voter list?

Voter List - How to check search name in voter list
Voter List - How to check search name in voter list

Voter list is a compiled list of Indian citizens who registered themselves for government election process to cast their votes. In the year 2017 count of Indian population has reached to 1.324 billion and amongst these more 65% people means approx 860600000 are eligible to cast votes, this figure is expected to go higher in the next elections. It’s a big task to manage this huge data of voters so, election commission of India curated this data in the form of the list that is called voter list. This list contains the list of voters who are eligible for voting. If have cast your vote at least once in the life then you must be aware that Voters list divided according to zones of the city. So, the complete data of voters first divided state wise and then the city and then according to zone number.

What details Voter List contains?

Voter list contains all information that a Voter ID card have i.e. Voter’s full name, date of birth, photograph and Signature’s sample. Voter list with photo gives the clear view of individual’s identity. This details mentioned in the voter list for electoral officers to verify voters at the time of voting, where we stamp our thumb’s impression.

Importance of Voter list

The voting list holds great importance in the process of election as it a highly authenticated document that contains all details of voters. An individual would not be able to register his/her vote if their names not available in the list. Even if they have a valid EPIC card they would be permitted to give their share of votes in the election process. This voter list is not static as thousands even lakhs of people got died and also got eligible to vote in every five years, the government always try to keep voter list up to date but it’s our responsibilities make sure about our presence in the list. So, it is very necessary to check your name twice in the updated list, otherwise, you will not able to exercise your voting rights.

How to check/search name in voter list?

Voter List - How to check search name in voter list
Voter List – How to check search name in voter list

Understanding the importance of name availability in the voter ID is very necessary for an individual and government as well. So, with the digitalization now you don’t have to physically visit your state election office to check your name in the election commission voter list, the government offers a digital way to check the name in the list. Yes, now it takes only a few seconds to check the name in the voting list.

National Voter’s Service Portal (NVSP) accommodate all the records of voters. Online voter list holds voter’s details including name, state, district, father’s name, EPIC number, polling station and both constituency.

NVSP offers two different way to search name in the voter list easily on the internet. Get the details of all different ways below.

Steps to check name in the voter list

1. First, you have to visit online portal i.e. where on the front phase you will see a search block with “Search Your name in electoral roll” option, Click on the block

2. After clicking you will be redirected to dedicated electrical portal i.e.

3. Where you will see a form titled as “Search by Details” in this form you can enter your name and other details. To search with this option you must enter your name and captcha code and feeding rest of the details is not necessary but if you feed more details it will show more comprehensive results.Other wise you will get the list of person who names are similar to yours.

4. After entering the details click on Search Button. Then you will be redirected to another page where you will find your details and the list of people whose details are close to yours.

5. With this, you can easily check your name in the Voter list easily. By just entering your name.

Search by EPIC/Voter ID number in voter list

As I mentioned above after opening portal you will see two option first one is “Search by Details” that you will see by default and another one is “search by EPIC/Voter no.” With this option, you can search your name in voter list and get the instant result by entering your voter ID number. This searching option works when you applied for location change or any other change in the details. To Search with this option you have followed below steps :

1. First, you need to visit government portal and then select the option ” search by EPIC/Voter no”
2. After clicking on this option you will see a form which asks details EPIC number, state and Captcha in which filing EPIC no. And captcha in compulsory.
3. After entering your EPIC number and Captcha click on Search button.
4. You will see your name with details on the screen if you want to see complete details then click on “view details” button.

Individual who are eligible to cast their votes and registered for voter ID must ensure the existence of their name in the voter list. Voter ID car not only use to register votes at the time of election but Voter ID card is very important identification document that you can submit as photo proof or address proof to attach with any forms for registration. Hope, this article will help you to check your name in the voter list.

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