PAN card for partnership firm

PAN card for partnership firm
PAN card for partnership firm

Partnership firms in India are represented by association act, 1932. In India anybody can form association firm either by composing an partnership agreement or by oral. The report in which the individual rights and commitments of the individuals from an organisation is composed is known as the Partnership Deed. Hence, for all intents and purposes oral understanding does not have any an incentive for assessment purposes and consequently the partnership agreement must be composed. The accompanying are the fundamental qualities of a partnership deed:-.

  • Name and Address of the firm and in addition every one of the accomplices
  • Nature of business to be gone ahead
  • Date of Commencement of business
  • Duration of Partnership (regardless of whether for a settled period/extend)
  • Capital commitment by each accomplice
  • Profit sharing proportion among the accomplices

For money impose reason, partnership firm needs to submit partnership deed as a proof of its reality alongside dish card application form 49A. befor applying you have to ensure that partnership deed is readied and legitimately authenticated by public accountant in India.

Before applying, we recommend you to check taking after things in the partnership deed to get a skillet card

  • Partnership deed has characterized the overseeing accomplice and approved him or her to sign for the benefit of partnership firm
  • Every last page of the deed has marked by both the accomplices and at any rate by two witnesses
  • Address of the firm has been specified in the deed
  • Date of production of partnership firm or viable date of creation has been said.
  • Subsequent to making partnership deed, an elastic stamp with the name of partnership firm at the top and word accomplice at the base must be made so that the approved accomplice can sign dish application form or different archives as required for business.
  • With partnership understanding and elastic stamp, now you can apply for a skillet scoundrel with salary impose office. Container application filled on the web or by going to any approved TIN FC close to your locality in light of your convenience.

Pan card for partnership firms online

An partnership firm and LLP can/ought to likewise apply for Permanent Account Number/Pan Card. Application (Form 49A) for Pan Card for partnership firm and LLP is additionally the same as if there should arise an occurrence of Individual yet with taking after various methods for container card application:-

  • Finish name of partnership firm and LLP ought to be composed in the space accommodated “Last Name/Surname” .
  • Application will be marked by any one accomplice organization firm and LLP by dark ink .
  • No photograph of accomplice will be required yet mark of accomplice ought to be made at 3 same places as if there should be an occurrence of person.
  • A duplicate of Partnership Deed or enrollment testament will be required with the printed version of use.
  • Date of production of partnership firm and LLP will be the date of birth of partnership firm and LLP as said in the Partnership Deed.

Pan card for partnership firms offline

Procedure to apply Pan Card for Paternership Firms – Offline

  • Visit the TIN FC to apply Pan Card offline
  • Take an application from and fill it with renounce pen
  • The overseeing accomplice need to sign the form or can utilize elastic stamp
  • Present the form and pay the expense required

Pan Card application for Partnership Firm

The Process to fill the PAN Card application shape for Partnership Firms are clarified underneath:

  • Enter the company’s name as it is in the Certificate of Registration or in the Partnership Deed. As the association is a non-singular, you can choose “M/S” and begin composing the name from the principal piece which is implied for the surname. The name you say here in the form will be the name imprinted on the PAN Card.
  • Enter your date of incorporation as said in the association deed.
  • Enter your office address as specified in the organization deed.
  • For “Status of Applicant”, you can choose “Association firm”.
  • For “Wellspring of Income”, you can choose “Salary from business or calling”. Or, on the other hand select the decision that is material to your firm.
  • You then need to choose your Business code in light of the business you are leading.
  • Specify what records you are submitting for evidence of character, confirmation of address, and date of birth. You can present your Partnership deed. If your firm has been enlisted with the Registrar of Firms, you can present a duplicate of the Certificate of Registration.
  • In the “Affirmation” segment, the approved accomplice must compose their name, place and date.

Documents required for partnership firm

  • Copy of association deed
  • Certificate of enrollment issued by the registrar center of firm or ROC if there should be an occurrence of limited liability partnership

Business Codes:

Code Business or Profession
01 Medical Business & Profession
02 Engineering
03 Architecture
04 Chartered Accountancy
05 Interior Decoration
06 Technical Consultancy
07 Company Secretary
08 Legal Practitioner and Solicitors
09 Government Contractor
10 Insurance Agency
11 Films, TV and other such entertainment
12 Information Technology


13 Builders and Developers
14 Members of Stock Exchange, Share Brokers, and Sub-Brokers
15 Performing Arts and Yatra
16 Operation of Ships, Hovercraft, Helicopters and Aircrafts

Plying Taxis, Trucks, Lorries, Commercial Vehicles and Buses

18 Ownership of Horses or Jockeys

Cinema Halls and Theatres




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