How to Track PAN Card Status at NSDL Site

NSDL Pan Card Status Check
NSDL Pan Card Status Check

The full form of PAN is Permanent Account Number. It is used to find out Indian Tax Payers and can be used as Identity Proof as well. It is unique for each and every PAN card holder.

PAN is a 10-character alphanumeric code. For instance, you can think about BBBBB9999B. First 5 Characters are Alphabets; Next four are Numbers, and the Last one is the Character again.

PAN card is issued to a person or a company. This card is made up of plastic and shows a person or company’s individuality with an alpha numeric code. PAN card is compulsory to perform definite types of financial transactions in India. These days, it is also an important document when opening bank accounts. And, when claiming benefits such as EPF an increasing number of people are applying for PAN card and hanging around to get it. Applicants can begin to track PAN card status online after seven days.

If you have already applied for PAN card, you must be hanging around for it! Yes, everybody does! To find out more information regarding your PAN card application, you can confirm or check PAN card status online.

So, here is a short and engaging tutorial to find out the status of your PAN card.

When you should verify PAN Card Application Status:

Do not start checking status of your PAN card in same day or week. It requires at least five days uploading the information of your PAN card application online. Thus, you should checking PAN card status after minimum five days from the date of the request or application.

Track PAN Card Status at NSDL:

You can apply for PAN Card via NSDL. You can confirm PAN card status at NSDL website even not having the acknowledgement number. Applicants have a very good facility to verify PAN card status if they are not having their acknowledgement number or coupon number. You can enter your complete name and date of birth to confirm your online PAN card status. Let us find out how to check PAN card status if you have applied via NSDL.

It is simple to get the present status of your PAN card application process. Just have a look at NSDL’s official page at

And, here is the detail to fill in this form if you do not know much about it.

  • Type of application: PAN – New or Change Request
  • Acknowledgment number: Your acknowledgment number or you can fill up the name instead.
  • NAME: Write your full name.
  • Date of Birth: Date of Birth, Agreement, Incorporation, Trust, Association, Formation, in DD/MM/YYY
    NSDL Pan Card Status Check

After filling up this detail, you can press the “SUBMIT” button, and you will get your PAN card status.

As a final point, you got your PAN Card status fast through this method. It is always the best to make use of official application to verify the PAN card status.

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Customer Support for NSDL:

In case, if you are facing any issues in tracking your PAN card status, you can right away contact at customer support number of NSDL or UTI on the basis of your PAN card provider.

Here are the links to the customer support page of NSDL in which you will get Toll-free Customer Support Numbers, Fax Numbers, Telephone Numbers, and address of Customer Support Center!

  • NSDL Official Customer Care Page:

They are good at customer support! So, they will try their best to resolve your queries!

Apart from it, you may contact on this number if you have any problem regarding your application of PAN card.

  • PAN Call Centre number of NSDL: 020 – 2721 8080

The above number is taken from the official websites of NSDL. The number is updated now and subject to amend.

Checking PAN card status is an important requirement for citizens. The facility to check PAN card status online saves maximum time and efforts for all the applicants. Make a note, the above method of checking PAN card application status can also be used to verify status of duplicate pan card and status of changes in PAN card data as well. You may leave your comments to let us find out if our provided detail is useful to you. Your enquiries and confusions are mostly welcome. Keep visit us for various other related information about PAN card updates and share your comments with us.

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