About Us – FinFYi

FinFyi is a new age finance portal. FinFyi is built to make you people aware of each and every aspects of the financial industry in a very simple way. Right from easy definitions of basic financial terminology to latest trending topics, FinFyi is here to take you to the journey of Indian economy and financial planning. Well, Indian economy is one of the largest economies in the world, it is quite difficult to understand and remember each and every aspect. So, here at FINFYI, we made things easier for you to understand, the portal is created by a group of financial industry’s experts with a thought to help Indians.

FinFyi as query Solver

If you are unable to understand hardcore financial terms which you face in day to day life then you must visit us every day. With FinFyi we make you learn about complicated amendments, schemes launched by the government. Here, we are going to answer your all Whats, Hows, Whens, whichs related to the finance industry. Topics like taxations, schemes, investments options, calculators all covered at FinFYI.

FinFyi as financial advisor

If you got confused while doing your financial planning then FinFyi is the best advisor you can have either, as here you can get advice on the best investment options, which stock or mutual funds will do better in futures, in which segment you can get better profit percentage on your investments, how you can save ITR etc. FinFYI is a complete solution for your all queries related to finance or investments.

FinFyi as Lifesaver

In the lake of time and awareness, Indian citizen missed many worthy to know Indian government policies that can bring amazing benefits to them. So, by subscribing FinFYi you can get notifications of every new announcement or launch by the Indian government.

FinFyi as a Guide

FinFYi can guide you in every registration, login, bookkeeping, removal of government service. Yes, you can also find step by step procedure to use government services like you can find the processes to register your GST account, income tax filing, IRCTC registration, ticket booking, PNR status aadhar card registration etc.

In short, FinFyi is a perfect partner who will help you at every point of life. Either you belong from financial industry or from any other industry, every day you face problems due to the lake of financial knowledge so, why don’t you stay smart and update your financial knowledge with FINFYI. We would love to have you here.