OBC Credit Card Customer Care Number

OBC Credit Card Customer Care Number
OBC Credit Card Customer Care Number

OBC Customer Care Number: Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC) is a was founded in 1943, its headquarters at Gurgaon, Haryana. It offers personal banking, investment banking, industrial banking, retail banking, loans and credit cards service. OBC guarantees that their customers get a great service possibly. They offer multiple channels through which customers can associate with them at any time period. When the credit cardholders of the bank have any troubles or queries related to their credit cards, they are able to both call the Oriental Bank Of Commerce Credit Card Toll Free Number or contact them via email or SMS. They also can submit the online form on the bank’s official website once they want to make a grievance. OBC offers a variety of significance to the analyses of their customers and works to give the best solutions to theirs.

OBC offers credit cards co-branded with SBI. To address any problems you may face, Oriental Bank of Commerce credit card section gives customer care service that is to be had free of cost. There can be also a customer care helpline in which fees are relevant. Below is a comprehensive toll-free number listing of ways to redress grievances.

24×7 OBC Credit Card Customer Care Number/Toll Free No.:

RegionSTD CodePhone Number
Agra5622158816, 2154524, 2523768
Ahmedabad7926587539, 26585830, 26587444
Amritsar1832501644, 2501645, 5030001
Bangalore8025808905, 25808913, 25808920
Bareilly5812302474, 2302475, 2300620
Bhatinda1645002473, 5002476, 5002480
Bhopal7552553856, 2767216, 2553518
Chandigarh1722704386, 2709998
Chennai4428492345, 28502000
Dehradun1352746920, 2749715, 2746097
Durgapur3432587787, 2587785, 2587786
Ghaziabad1202700018, 2701302
Gurgaon1242550011, 2550047
Hyderabad4023147012, 23147026, 23147050
Jaipur1414149908, 4149921
Jalandhar1815009764, 5009763, 5009767
Jodhpur2912623582, 2623583, 2623584, 2633585, 2633586
Karnal1842204401, 2200620, 2204401
Kolkata3323379559, 23379560, 23379561
Lucknow5222305764, 2305768
Ludhiana1612539840, 2539841, 2535456
Mumbai2243434619, 4343464643434619, 43434646
New Delhi1149270932, 49270903, 49270904, 49270913, 49270922
Patiala1752215255, 2201487, 2225025
Pune2025676464, 25670693, 25670694
Raipur7712252851, 2252850
Ranchi6512283853, 2284844, 2283814
Rohtak1262242235, 253683, 241797
Sriganganagar1542477956, 2425356, 2485330

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