How India is Beneficial for NRI Investments?


In India, investors from the whole world are getting the benefits of its growing stage, constantly growing economy and current run up in Indian Stocks as well as Real Estate India. In all this there are segments of investors who are either NRI or of Indian origin and they also want to avail the facility of being Indian or of Indian origin.

NRIs are today one of the biggest propellers of growth and expansion as they are responsive of the present market trends and opportunities that exist worldwide. In addition, as NRIs recipient of direct forex reserve, they have huge deposits of liquid assets that can be optimally used for additional expansion of wealth and success. Besides increasing financial portfolio and revenue brook, NRI investments can also help in saving income tax. Indian government has worked out on several attractive plans and policies that can help NRIs in saving income tax and get benefits at the same time.

The recent declaration of reforms or relaxations for NRI investors by Indian government is improving NRI investment and remittance in India.


NRIs want to consider and are excited to invest in India either due to requirement or due to their parents or close relatives might be living in India and they want to give them a source of monthly income.

Also, due to NRI repatriation, i.e., planning to relocate to India diversifies the portfolio investments in India. Others might just be involved in generating quick money by investing in Indian real estate by looking at the quantum leap in the Indian real estate prices.

In the future Real Estate Mutual Funds to be introduced, SEBI and RBI will bring forth a proposal for same in India very soon. Furthermore, REMFs needs an approving tax system, authoritarian and legal system.

Currently for definite classes of domestic investors’ real estate participation is feasible through venture capital till not REMFs come up fully fledged in the market to invest.

NRIs are looking ahead to spend in mutual funds as well as REMF or Real Estate Mutual Funds that would definitely give them approval, either in the form of Indian currency or way of income to their families or relatives in India.

As economy exceeding the other Asian countries as well as offering tough competitions to European countries in terms of economical resources, manpower and advanced growth, it has something for everyone to provide.

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