Pan Card Fees and Charges

PAN Card Fee Charges
PAN Card Fee Charges

A PAN card is a very useful resource in India, with everybody involved in trade or business of any type anticipated to have it. Each taxpayer in the country should mandatory have a PAN card, with the government charging a penalty on those who involve in financial transactions without it. Having a PAN card is not a costly affair, with the government inflicting minimum charges on individuals. These charges are found out on the basis of the address of an individual, with an advanced charge for PAN cards which require being sent out of the country.

If you are planning to get the PAN card via any agent, then I am sure that they are going to charge more than the real price. Have you ever thought, what is the real price? Definitely, the real price is much lower than third party charges from you. They keep the residual amount as service charge. Everybody is associated to internet nowadays and process to apply for PAN Card is feasible in a few steps.

Charges for a new PAN card in India

Applicants living within the country require paying a fee of Rs. 107, which involves a processing fee of Rs. 93 plus service tax of 14.5%. Whereas there has been inconsistency with regard to the charge of PAN processing previously, the government has obligated a regular fee for all applications which have a physical address in the country. This fee can however differ, based on the method of payment an applicant decides on.

Charges for Reprint/changes in PAN card in India

It is feasible for a person to lose/damage his or her PAN card or get himself or herself in a condition where changes or corrections are required in a present card. In such cases a person will have to pay a fee of Rs.107 (processing fee of Rs.93 additionally 14.5% service tax). This fee is related to only if the communication address is in India, with different charges applicable if the communication address is out of India.

Charges for new/reprinted PAN card for individuals living abroad

A growing Indian economy has fascinated a number of foreign players who are eager to carry out business in the country. A PAN is compulsory for these entities, whether it is an organization or a person and they are needed to go through the similar method as a resident of India. The government charges a fee of Rs.989 to process and send out the PAN to entities with a contact address outside India. This amount can be classified into three parts, an application fee of Rs.93, a dispatch cost of Rs.771 and service tax of 14.5% on these two constituents.

Methods of payment of PAN card charges

The following methods of payments are allowed for PAN, with the contact address of a person finding out what methods are accessible to him or her.

  • Communication address in India– A person with a communication address in Indian Territory can pay through Credit or Debit cards, Demand Drafts or via Internet Banking. One should bear in mind that payment via Debit or Credit cards will bring in an extra charge up to 2% of the application fee, normally charged by the bank. The bank could also enforce applicable taxes in addition to the fee charged for a PAN card. Payment by Demand Drafts is accepted only if the demand draft is in favor of “NSDL – PAN”, payable at Mumbai. Payment via Net Banking will bring in a surcharge of Rs.4 plus service tax, to bear by an applicant.
  • Communication address out of India– Individuals or organizations with a communication address out of India can pay for the PAN card either via Credit or Debit card or Demand Drafts. The demand draft should be in favor of “NSDL – PAN”, payable at Mumbai. Payment by Credit or Debit card will bring in extra bank charges of 2% plus service tax. In addition, one might also acquire conversion or exchange costs forced by the bank to start such payment.

The Government of India allows others to make payment on part of a PAN applicant, based on who is applying for a PAN card.

  • Individual applicants– For individual applicants, either the applicant himself or herself or his pressing family can pay the application charges.
  • HUFs– For Hindu Undivided Families only the Karta of a particular HUF can make payments.
  • Companies or Firms– Any Director or Partner of a firm or a company can make payment on their part.
  • Trusts or Associations– For trusts, associations, neighboring authorities, etc., payment can be done only by an approved signatory as per the regulations of the IT Act.

Current status of PAN card fee repayment

There are possibilities for the PAN application of a person to be declined, either on grounds of incorrect or incomplete detail or failure to stick to the instructions. In these cases, applicants should keep in mind that there is no stipulation for a fee refund and that they can apply again for the PAN by making correct the PAN Card mistakes or incorrect information, using the similar payment information.

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